Patient Participation Group




Since moving into our new premises in August 2011 the surgery has been developing a Patient Participation Group. The group comprises of a range of people registered with Newton Drive Health Centre and we continue to look for, and maintain, a cross section of our Patient population who feel they would like to be involved in helping to shape the future of the practice as we continue along the change within the NHS .

In 2012-13 our group has been actively involved in the design and method of completion of our practice survey, followed by discussion of the results, and considering changes which the practice can realistically make to improve patient services and meet the needs of patients. Several suggestions from the group have also been introduced into the practice. The group has a suggestion box in the practice waiting room and welcomes thoughts and suggestions from other patients which they are happy to discuss on their behalf.



The overall aim of the group is to develop a positive and constructive relationship between Patients, the Practice and the Community that it serves, ensuring that the Practice remains accountable and responsive to all its Patient needs. All registered Patients are welcome to join the Patient Participation Group, drawing from a diverse mix of patients who use the services at Newton Drive Health Centre.

Membership is on a voluntary basis and is unpaid.  There is no specific contract or duration for anyone to be a member of the group.   In the interests of effective decision making, it is anticipated membership of the core will be limited to 12.  Specialist “sub-groups” may be formed to deal with specific topical areas in order to utilise individual skills and experience.

The key aims of the PPG are:

    1. To create and improve two-way communication between the Practice and the Patient  population.
    2. To bring a sense of Partnership between the Practice and the Patient population.
    3. To provide a vehicle by which the Patient population can have an influence over the  way in which the facilities and services, provided by the Practice, are planned and  used.
    4. To provide constructive feedback of Patient population needs, concerns and interests.
    5. To support the Practice in Health promotion and preventative medicine.
    6. To collect Patient opinions and experiences in order to help the Practice evaluate and,  where appropriate, improve its services.



Initially the group met monthly, however it is now being held at 6 week intervals and we anticipate will become bi-monthly, changing in accordance with the needs of the group as time progresses. If you are interested in becoming a member of the PPG you are welcome to contact us at any time. If you feel you may like to become involved the date of the next meeting can usually be found on the website, displayed within the practice and on the practice newsletter. All patients are welcome to join us at any meeting. This will give an overview of the group and its purpose, together with a chance to meet the other members. Attendance at a meeting leaves you under no obligation to become a member.