How Do I?

The practice has worked collaboratively with the Patient Participation Group to provide you with this page.  It lists information and procedures for our patients’ most frequently asked questions.  We hope you find this page useful but if there are any improvements or other information that you feel other patients may find useful, please do let us know.

…Register with the practice

We are welcoming new patients.  If you would like to register with us please complete the form below (you must complete the purple sheet at the bottom) and bring them into the practice.

Please ensure that you bring ID with you as detailed on the registration form, this is required for all patients.

Registration Application Form 2020

Please be aware that it may take several days to register you onto our system.  You will also be required to attend for a New Patient Health Check with one of our Health Care Assistants.

…Register for online access

Registering for online access will allow you to book, view and cancel GP appointments online.  You can also order medication and view your medical summary.  If you wish to register for this service please contact the practice so that we can create an account for you.

…Request a REPEAT prescription

There are several ways to order your medication.

  1. Order via patient access online – see online access registration instructions above.
  2. Visit the practice and complete a medication request slip and put it in the box at reception.

…Request an ACUTE prescription

We have a new service for ACUTE prescriptions only – visit this page  – for more information.

…Set up my Electronic Prescription Services

Newton Drive Health Centre now offers the Electronic Prescription Services (EPS).  Working in partnership with local pharmacies, we can now send your prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choice. This means you no longer have to pick up your prescription slip from the practice before going to a pharmacy to collect your medication.

Some medications are unavailable for EPS transfer, these will still be printed for you to collect at the surgery.  However most items can now be sent electronically.

If you wish to activate this service, please contact the pharmacy of your choice and enquire about setting up EPS. Please note, that all future prescriptions will be sent to your ‘nominated’ pharmacy unless you state otherwise.

…Book an appointment

Most of our appointments are opened 48 hours in advance.  We have limited access for routine appointments any further in advance.  We do need to maintain our appointment diary in this way to ensure there is always a plentiful supply of acute appointments.  We also run a triage service concurrently, the details of which are below.

If you wish to book an appointment you can either do so online, via patient access.  Please note this is currently for GP appointments only. Alternatively, please contact reception to book an appointment.

…Request an Urgent Appointment

Triage is the name we give to our same day phone call service with our doctors.  Each week day one of our GP’s is assigned to be on-call.  This means they are available for URGENT on the day requests.  This is for sudden onset illness e.g. severe abdominal pain, headache.

Our triage runs from 08:30 – 11:30 and 14:00 – 16:30.  If you feel that you need to speak to a doctor urgently about a medical condition, please contact reception.  If you are eligible for triage the doctors will call you back within 2 hours.

…Request a fit to work note (previously called a ‘sick note’)

A fit to work note is not necessary for the first week of absence, unless the workplace has stated that it is required.  Employees are able to self-certify for the first 7 consecutive days of leave, including non-working days.

If you require a fit to work note this will take 48 hours to process. You can ring the reception team, or come into the surgery and a receptionist at the front desk will give you the appropriate form to complete.

You will then be advised to ring the surgery after 14:30 on the day the fit to work note is expected to be ready for collection (48 hours from the time of ordering).  The reception team will ensure the fit to work note is ready for collection and advise you to collect it.

For more information please visit

…Request my medical record

If you would like to request a copy of your medical records, please complete the Data Access Request Form below and email it to; [email protected].

Access to Medical Records Patient Information Leaflet

Data Access Request Form

…Request a Medical Report

If you would like to request a medical report you will most likely be assisted by an insurance company or solicitor, who will provide you with a form to complete.  In the event of an insurance company report you will be contacted directly by the practice and asked to sign an additional consent form.

The list of letters and private reports the doctors can complete is listed here along with the charges. – Fees for Non-NHS Services

…Appoint a patient representative

If you feel that your healthcare needs could be supported by nominating another person to be able to deal with them, on your behalf, and you would like to give that person permission to speak to us, about your health and your medical record, then please complete the form below.  This could be a friend, relative or carer.  It’s important that we have your signed consent so we can be sure that you are happy for the nominated person to have access to your personal information.

Patient Representative Consent Form

If you would like further information then please contact the surgery.

…Find information about my condition

There is such a lot of information on the internet and when you aren’t feeling well its very easy to put your symptoms into a search engine! Sometimes this is not the best thing to do as the information you find may not be particularly relevant or from a credible source.  If you are looking for reliable information about particular medical conditions please try some of the following web sites. – Health Information and Symptom Checker

NHS Choices – Health Information

If you are unsure about your condition or symptoms please contact the reception team at the practice.

…Get a blood test

If you require a blood test one of our doctors or nurses will recommend this to you. The test will help us find out more information about your condition.

Appointments for a blood test are commonly known as either the blood clinic, phlebotomy or venepuncture.

You will be given or requested to collect a blood form.  You should bring this form with you to your appointment.

The practice offers walk in blood clinics between 08:30 – 10:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The results will come back to the requesting doctor and reported on within 5 working days.  If your results are normal you will not be contacted.  If you are required to see the doctor, or prescribed medication the practice will contact you to inform you of the outcome and what to do next.

…Get my test results

For test results patients are advised to ring the surgery after 14:30, 5-7 days later from when the test was taken. This time allows the test to be processed by the Pathology Department and then for the results to be reviewed by a GP at the practice.

Please note that X-Ray results may take up to 2 weeks to return.

If you do require test results you can ring the reception team, or come into the surgery and a receptionist at the front desk will give you the appropriate information. If you require privacy, we can provide your information in a private room and discuss your results with confidentiality. If the patient is over 16 years of age, the patient themselves are required to call or come in to the surgery for results, as we cannot give information to any other person without the patients’ express consent.

If you do not understand your results or unsure about your ongoing care following your results please book an appointment with a GP.

…Deal with missing or being late for an appointment

We understand that plans can change, but if you think you are going to be late or miss your appointment please do let us know, we can do our best to rearrange it or we can use your appointment for someone else.

If you received a text message regarding your appointment, you can cancel by replying ‘CANCEL’ to your appointment reminder, up to an hour before your appointment time.

If you are late for your appointment, unfortunately we will have to ask you to re-book.

…Make a suggestion or comment

We are always keen to hear what our patients think of our services.  We have made several changes in recent years because of feedback from our patients.  There are several ways to make comments about the services.

  1. You can complete a Friends and Family Test comments form either in reception (and place it in our Blue Box) or online here – ONLINE Friends and Family Test
  2. You can contact us via Facebook too – check out our Facebook page and send us a message!
  3. You can also review us through other third party websites such as Patient Opinion or NHS Choices
  4. You can also contact the Patient Participation Group who are patients themselves and work in conjunction with the practice to monitor and improve services.  If you would like to get in touch with them please write to the Practice Manager.